About Ritchie's Dance Band

Nov 5th, 2011 by Ritchie

About Ritchies Dance Band

Ritchie's Dance Band was founded with one specific goal in mind:
Provide the utmost in musical entertainment for any event that requires a sleek musical backdrop, or an exciting get-up-and-dance party.
That is what we do.

Ritchie has assembled the best in class professional musicians that sing, entertain, and play to your crowd. We excell at fabulous dance parties for: Your Wedding, Private Party, Corporate Party, "A" room clubs, and many other professional situations.

Experienced: Decades working with major national acts live on stage, on tour and in the studio. We bring experienced, top level talent and music for you and your special event.

You need the best band for your Wedding, Corporate Event or Private party, have the band that "knows the music", plays it faithfully and the business of entertainment.

We will comfortably Master of Ceremonies (MC) for your event too.

For our song List:   http://www.ritchiesdanceband.com/songs.html

Jacksonville/Wilmington, NC Wedding Band

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